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Our story

How did we succeed? It’s just … we made dreams come true.

Our beginning of entrepreneurship is related to 2011, the year when we started producing wood accessories. According to our own design, maybe a little clumsy, but even then with a firm determination of what we want: to produce top quality products, from the best quality domestic wood, environmentally friendly, oiled with oils and beeswax. Day by day we have progressed … quality, technology, experience.

In 2016, a turnaround occurred, a meeting with the owners of the Danish company Scanwood resulted in our magnificent take-off … we became their official suppliers, and in that spirit we founded Wood Holz. With that, we made a turning point in our way of thinking, defined parameters in business, set ourselves specific goals … and day-by-day we put it into practice. Now our products are present in almost all EU countries, but also in China, Japan and even New Zealand.

Continuous investment in development, implementation of new technologies and technological solutions, new machines, creative thinking and searching for new design solutions, marketing and advertising through social networks, attracting top staff and incentives through all the benefits we can offer … has resulted in expanding our base products and sales growth. Thanks in large part to our partners – web shops and partner retailers, for which we are very grateful.

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