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Our customers

There is no “small customer” for us. There are only big … and a little bigger. Here are some works for our big … and slightly bigger customers. Of course, we are proud of each product, each of our boards is a part of nature which we share.

Restoran PRIME, Hotel Crowne Plaza

The largest hotel in Belgrade … for us it was a great compliment, but also a huge obligation … to meet the expectations of the chef, but also the entire hotel management. The result exceeded all expectations … both theirs and ours. We have created a unique product line, made of first-class walnut, and in to millimeter adapted to their needs, infinitely functional and with attention to every detail. A very nice product line, a great incentive for us to continue working and a significant reference that we have gained through hard work.

Kabinet 23 Lazarevac

Still Nameštaj Vršac

Restoran Cross Beograd

Media about us

Wooden accessories from Malošište won over European customers and picky Japanese

Danish design, European quality, and products from Malošište. This is how we start the story of a successful young entrepreneur, Sasa Stojanovic from Malosiste, whose wood products won over European customers. Handmade products, made of the highest quality domestic wood, have found their way to the shelves of the most prestigious European shops such as Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, and even distant Japan, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, and lately Singapore and Hong Kong.

According to him, his family company does business with large foreign distributors such as Scanwood, Steel function, Neon living. With the help of their large distribution network, wooden works of art from Malošište have found their way onto store shelves around the world. Over 60 percent of production is sold through the Danish company Scanwood, but it also had to meet high standards in terms of product quality and safety. Most of the products are made of walnut and cherry wood, and a special exclusive is cooked acacia, which has a beautiful and unique texture. Before the production the wood is cooked and thus protected and disinfected, but in the process, each wood gets its natural color and the patterns are more pronounced. Thus, the cherry becomes red in this process, the walnut gets various shades of brown, the olive gets a golden color.

“Finally, we coat the products with edible oil or beeswax. European customers are demanding. We have a special product range for each country. But the most exclusive are the cutting boards made of boiled acacia due to the special natural pattern of the wood. It is interesting that the more visible the acacia patterns, the harder the wood, so that there is no damage when working in the kitchen, ie cutting on that board.” – says the owner of WOOD HOLZ.

As kitchen products are made of pure wood and one hundred percent environmentally friendly, because they do not use paints and varnishes, for foreign buyers the price of such a quality product is not a problem. In the end, he adds that in the production process, he tries to preserve the natural beauty of the wood and the playfulness of the pattern as much as possible.

“I use the most modern technology and I try to make all our products as interesting as possible for customers, both in terms of design and in terms of safety and quality.” – the young owner of the company from Malošište ends the conversation.

SOURCE: Radio Koprijan Doljevac Posted in: Društvo Vesti 28.05.2018.