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About us

Wood Holz was established in 2016 with the idea of ​​offering products on the domestic market and in the region, which we have been producing since 2011 at the request of foreign companies.

The basic idea of ​​Wood Holz is to enable you, our customers, to buy unique products made of high quality wood, which is impossible to find elsewhere. In our wide range you can find unique products that are ideal for a gift to your loved one.

Wood Holz designs, manufactures and sells exclusive wooden accessories for hotels, restaurants, pizzerias and households. Our products are of the highest quality made of pure beech, cherry, walnut, olive, acacia, oak, ash wood. Beautifully designed, practical products will become part of your kitchen space or space of your choice. Wooden serving board, mill, grater, as well as our other products are necessary in both modern and traditional cuisine. Our products are natural and environmentally friendly, because we do not use paints and varnishes, but only coat them with edible oil and beeswax for long durability. The coating is colorless, odorless and tasteless, which makes the cutting board safe for your health. Our board, bowls, spoons and other products are easy to clean. Just rinse them with water and wipe with a dry cloth. We do not recommend washing in the machine. The products are of Danish design and of European quality. We offer a wide range of products. From practical wooden serving boards: for serving and cutting different types of food, from vegetables to meat, different sizes, through different holders for kitchen knives standing and hanging on the wall, salt and pepper mills, wooden bowls for serving salads and fruits , wooden welders, spatulas, shakers, rolling pins, wooden round boards with a turning mechanism, wooden candlesticks, spice bowls… All products have a natural look, which makes them special and attractive.

From our range we offer:

Kitchen accessories: wooden boards for cutting meat, vegetables, cheese; wooden serving boards; wooden pizza boards; swivel wooden pizza serving boards; wooden welders; wooden spoons; wooden spoons for honey; wooden spatulas, wooden rolling pins of various sizes and sizes; wooden grill and salad tongs; shakers, wooden measuring cups.

Decoration products: wooden candlesticks of special design; wooden pepper mills; parmesan grater; various wooden knife stands; wooden moldings for knives with magnets; wooden bowls for salads, fruits; wooden picture boxes; wooden soles.

Office products: wooden pencil cases; wooden duct tape boxes with a knife; wooden boxes for staples with a hidden magnet; wooden paper boxes; wooden pencil strips. We offer potential buyers the possibility of laser engraving, as well as printing motifs as desired. We also make large boards for cutting and chopping food measuring 500x400x42 suitable for restaurants. We also offer small boards measuring 210x140x9 for serving sandwiches or for cutting and chopping food. For creative customers we offer products that are innovative and original in design and we are always willing to cooperate. Contact us to help you make your product stand out in the market.